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Mizzou Visit Reservation Form For High School Students

We appreciate at least seven days advanced notice in scheduling campus visits.

Don't see your date, check our Special Events page or call our office at 573-882-2456.
(If you are an organization bringing a group of students, please sign up for a Group Visit.)
Contact Info
(Format: MM/DD/YYYY)
(Format: 999-999-9999)
(Format: 999-999-9999)
(Format: 999-999-9999)
Test Scores
High School

Transfer students - Please call us at 573-882-2456 or visit our Transfer students page.

Graduate students - Please visit Graduate students.

Area of Interest
(Admissions Appointment, Campus Tour, Black and Gold Day, Meet Mizzou Day, etc.)
Additional Requests

Considering participating in an intercollegiate sport at Mizzou? - Please visit or the Mizzou athletic website. Due to compliance & regulations, Admissions cannot schedule athletic appointments.


* Required Field